♦ 24/05/29 - Pinning

This is mostly to test having a different blog section and how folders work on Neocities. I'm learning!

As stated on my front page and about section, I really love bugs. I don't really have the means(in several ways) to go to school for entomology, but I think I have enough passion for it to sort of study on my own as a hobbyist. So I decided to add a blog section dedicated specifically to that. We'll see how it goes.

We recently hunted down supplies for bug pinning! My mother in law has had a dead dragonfly stored in a cabinet for several months now. She originally wanted to have it encased in resin, but turns out that's super expensive. So it's just been kind of sadly sitting there. I'm going to see if she'd be down to let me try to pin and frame the dragonfly to preserve it that way, and so it's not just sitting there gathering dust. I'll post pictures if and when that happens.